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About The Creator

Applications of Natural Language Processing.

Many of the things that NLP will achieve are still unknown. It hasn't been advanced enough to be useful in many situations until very recently. Now, there are more applications for this technology than there are people who are capable of implementing it. Here is just a fraction of what you could do, or is already being done:

Tech Industry
  • Search engine
  • Spam filter
  • Phishing detection
  • Personal assistant
  • Automated documentation writing
  • Chat interface
  • Data mining
  • Self-driving vehicle accident reporting
  • Electronic health records standardization
  • Risk factors search
  • Patient identification for clinical trials and research
  • Computer-aided physician documentation
  • Medical coding
  • Spelling and grammar correction
  • Essay grading
  • Summarization
  • Research assistance
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Machine translation
  • Help desk routing
  • eCommerce analysis
  • Customer service
Government and Security
  • Raw intelligence triage
  • Anomaly detection
  • Legal analytics
  • Fraud detection
social media
Social Media
  • Trending topics
  • News feed filtering
  • Brand analysis
  • Content filtering
  • Chatbot

The Technology Behind Jemigo.

Natural language processing includes a multitude of complex tasks that have so far prevented the creation of a human-level artificial intelligence. Most software developers won't even know where to begin in solving these problems and you will need a tool that makes it easy for them to utilize the power of a human language understanding software.

Part of Speech Tagging.

Part of speech tagging is the process of assigning a grammatical designation to a word, such as noun or verb. Jemigo uses rule-based algorithms along with a custom-built dictionary to tag each word. This task is complex for various reasons and there is no system yet that has achieved human-level performance.


Words not only have multiple possibilities for parts of speech, but also for meaning. A word can have dozens of meanings depending on the context. Determining the part of speech narrows down the choices and then Jemigo's unique ontology provides a hierarchical and relational data model needed to disambiguate.

Coreference Resolution.

It is essential to know when multiple words refer to the same entity in a given text. Pronouns are a great example of this and can sometimes be confusing, even to humans. This feature is still under development, but it will be necessary for a coherent understanding.

Named Entity Recognition (NER).

NER is the ability of software to identify proper nouns, such as people or locations. This capability is under development.

Information Extraction.

One of the most challenging and fruitful technologies in the domain of NLP is the extraction of pertinent information from unstructured data. This has endless applications and will be under ongoing development.

Sentiment Analysis

A method of determining popular opinion about something such a product or a political candidate, sentiment analysis attempts to extrapolate whether a text gives a positive, negative, or neutral narrative of an entity.

The Developer Behind Jemigo.

Joe is an individual programmer and sole owner of Jemigo, his NLP software. For the past 14 years, he's been learning either computer or human languages in some form. Now he's bringing them together, despite having no formal education in Computational Linguistics. He researches and meditates on the topic daily to find new and creative ways to equip Jemigo with natural language capabilities. He challenges everything, obsesses over details, and has the vision to overcome the challenges of NLP.


Intelligence can't be created and the human brain is not fully understood. There is no wisdom in trying to model artificial intelligence on something that we don't comprehend. NLP, is the most important subfield of artificial intelligence. It should be approached pragmatically using modern technologies.


Logic. The key to intelligent software is understanding our own reasoning. A system based on probability is not granular enough to be a good model for natural language. Jemigo is rule-based and uses a custom ontology and dictionary.


Complete Jemigo within the next 2 - 3 years and assist others in harnessing its power in every field to enrich human life.


Enrich human life by endowing software with natural language.

Meet The Team.

Joseph Petersen


Joe has been a missionary, a soldier, and an Arabic Linguist. Now he is a husband, father, and Software Engineer.

Future Team Member

Business Partner

Someone with lots of grit, vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Future Team Member

Software Developer

Someone who can write code that will change the world.

  • "The limits of my language are the limits of my world."

    -Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosopher
  • "Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom."

    -Roger Bacon Friar, Scholar
  • "AI doesn't need to destroy everything in its path, but enhance the human experience as it is."

    -Joseph Petersen Programmer

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